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2021 Festival Update

on Monday, 26 September 2016. Posted in Festival 2015

The Ayrshire Music Festival aims to

• Represent the range of performing arts locally
• Raise the quality of performance
• Create the performers and informed audiences of the future


2021 – The 96th Ayrshire Music Festival


Under normal circumstances, we would by this date have published the syllabus for the 96th Ayrshire Music Festival due to take place in March 2021.


While we are still hopeful that we will be able to run the festival next year, we do not know what form such a festival would take given the restrictions on activities and gatherings that are in place currently (and likely to persist for some time) and the impact on venue capacity that will be the case due to the need for social distancing.


It is also the case that the teaching of music is severely curtailed which would make it more difficult for potential competitors to prepare for the festival.


We will continue to monitor the situation and take a final decision about next year’s festival in the near future but by early December at the latest.


Thank you to everyone for your patience and support.


Stay safe and stay well.


Stewart McCandless


Ayrshire Music Festival 

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