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Festival Committee

on Sunday, 18 October 2015.

Honorary Presidents

Provost Jim Todd – East Ayrshire Council 
Provost Joan Sturgeon – North Ayrshire Council 
Provost Helen Moodie – South Ayrshire Council 


Mr Tom Raffel

Vice President
Mrs Jean Berry
Mrs Helen Frame



Mr John Leitch

Vice Chairman

Mrs Shona Mitchell


Dr Paul Wilson

Entry Secretary

Mrs Shona Mitchell

Adjudicator Secretary

Mrs Ann Naismith

Minute Secretary

Mrs Pamela Martin

Trophy Secretary

Mrs Ailsa Leitch

Directors of Competitions

Music – TBA
Speech and Drama – Mr DTom Raffel
Scottish Country Dancing – Mrs Wilma Brown

Director of Stewarding

Mr John Leitch

Committee Members
Mrs J Brown
Miss L Davidson
Mrs J Hendry
Mr A Gonzalez
Mr D Haggerty
Mrs J Hendry
Mr J Hope
Mrs E Martin
Mr T Martin
Mr D Moore
Mrs K Stewart
Mr S Walker
Mr P Wood