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Advice for Competitiors

on Sunday, 18 October 2015.

Before the Festival

Make sure you have sent the correct music to the festival – if you are using the official accompanist, they will have practised the wrong music if you change later or want a different version.

Make a note of the date, time and venue of your class.

If you can't attend, let the festival know you won't be performing.

Arriving at the Festival

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your performance time – sometimes a previous class is finished early.

A steward will want to know who you are – identify yourself as a competitor.

Everyone must bring a copy of the music for the adjudicator.

Have your original copy of your music ready for the accompanist.

Try not to sit too far away from the performance area – it's a long walk from the back of the hall to the platform.

Dress smartly – a performance is enhanced by how you look.

Your performance

Relax – everyone wants you to do well.

Take your time – speak to the accompanist, compose yourself and don't stand in the middle of the platform until the adjudicator is ready for you.

After all the performances

When the adjudicator talks, they may want to speak to you so be ready to identify yourself.

A steward will hand out the adjudication sheets and certificates at the end.

Enjoy yourself

Enjoy yourself – remember performing is fun!